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Item For Sale: Whole Mount Mink in Natural Setting. $135.

This taxidermy mount is a piece of artwork. It shows a mink in a natural setting, including a pool of water beneath him, and splashes of water drops on his fur..

The scene is set in late autumn with dried brown leaves.

The mink is in excellent condition. It is 13 inches long by 10 inches high.







African Jackal Half Body Taxidermy Mount on Faux Rock Ledge . $185.

This is an unusual and rare mount. It is beautifully mounted, and is in excellent condition.

Great present for the sportsman, the collector of african items, or those who want a real life representation of Anubis.





Kit Fox Whole Mount Taxidermy $135.

Excellent condition mount of a desert kit fox from the southwestern United States. It is in a sitting positon, and is 18 inches long, and 14 inches high.






Ringtail Cat Whole Taxidermy Mount on Wood Branch. $140

The Ringtail Cat is native to the United States Southwest, and this one came from Texas. It is a nocturnal relative of the raccoon, and used to be tamed by miners and early pioneers to kill mice. It is sometimes called a miner's cat because of this. I have had this beautiful mount for at least 10 years, I had bought it on ebay.







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